IPL Hair Removal – FAQ

How photoepilation works?

The hair contains a pigment (melanin) which absorbs light and converts it into heat. The hair transmits this heat into the hair follicle, which is destroyed and therefore unable to produce new hair.

To ensure optimal light transmission to the hair, a thin layer of gel is applied on the skin prior to treatment. The operator then moves the flash lamp through the treated area and performing flashes of light.

Difference between Laser and IPL


All hairs can be treated?

Because of permanent hair removal treatment is based on the absorption of light by melanin (hair pigment), the treatments is more effective with clients with clear skin and dark hair. The lighter the skin, the more pronounced is the contrast between the hair and skin, making treatment more beneficial.

Although Ellipse is ready to treat different skin types and hair types, using the necessary intensity according to skin color and the color and thickness of the hair.


How long is a treatment of fotodepilation?

We can treat a great area with a single flash of light. A lip treatment takes about 5 minutes, while for the entire back or leg we need between one and two hours.


Is the treatment Painful?

Pain tolerance varies greatly from one person to another. Most clients describe it as the impact of a rubber band on the skin.


Should I take precautions before treatment?

It is essential not to remove hair by using tweezers, wax or depilatory creams during the 4 weeks prior to treatment. This ensures that the maximum number of hair follicles contain the hair inside, and therefore these follicles will be treated and destroyed.

Because of the tanning means an accumulation of pigment (melanin) in the skin, it is important you avoid tanning: sunbathing, solarium or tanning creams before and during the treatment.

Because if your skin is tanned it will absorb more light, which makes the treatment less effective.


How many treatments are needed?

Hair growth is cyclic because the hair follicles go through resting phases.

Only those follicles in growth phase are containing the hair inside and can be removed by photoepilation of any type. Hair follicles in resting phase need to enter the growth phase before they can be effectively eliminated with treatment of IPL Ellipse. For this reason it is necessary to repeat the treatment at specific intervals until all hair follicles have passed the growth phase.

The length and time spent in the growth phase of the hair are affected by many factors such as: race, hormonal status, certain medications and age. Clinical studies confirm that between 3 and 6 treatments are necessary and that the intervals between treatment sessions range from 1 to 3 months.

Hair Growth Phases


Are the results lasting?

Ellipse hair removal is a permanent hair removal technique.

Approximately 6-8 sessions with progressively remove up to 85% of the hair.
To ensure optimal results and lasting we recommend a maintenance session every 12-18 months.

Before and After pictures + Clinical Research