IPL Hair Removal

Stop to slow and painful methods of hair removal


Ellipse = successful and safe hair removal


Excess hair may be the result of medical conditions, but the pressure to remove it may be cosmetic.


Ellipse, the world’s leader in Scientific Treatment Solutions and systems of high quality light (laser and I²PL) since 1997, has created a clinically proven treatment for safe and effective removal of unwanted hair.

To achieve a permanent hair removal it is necessary to destroy the hair follicle where the hair growth. Controlled pulses of light penetrate the epidermis and are absorbed by melanin in the hair. The light energy converted into heat is transferred to the hair follicle, which is then destroyed and unable to produce a new hair. The treatment is effective only in case of growing hair, attached to the follicle, the hair in the “resting phase” will be treated later. Therefore a sucessful hair removal needs several sessions, depending mainly on the treated area.


The visible light produced by the Ellipse I²PL system is carefully controlled to emit the exact pulse duration and the correct wavelengths, and the amount of energy necessary to destroy the hair follicle.

Please notice: Incorrect wavelengths and amount of energy used are the main reasons for unsuccessful results, or even worse, skin or hair damage known from low quality IPL or Laser systems.

In a market full of false promises, “Clinically proven” is more than a claim for Ellipse. The indisputable scientific evidence is behind each Ellipse solution and patented high technology.
With us you get proven results, not just promises.

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