LPG Endermologie

LPG Endermologie – be healthy and beautiful


You may have tried everything to lose those additional inches but what ever you do your shape retains its rebel areas. We offer professional non-invasive and painless treatment with scientifically proven effect.


Lipomassage is effective where nutrition and exercise are not enough or not possible.


It is LPG Endermologie specific technique, the solution to the problems of localized fat and celulitis.


The technology is based on the massage of the skin, by means of motorized rollers which can change the speed and direction independently of each other. This technique moves the lymphatic system, improves circulation and muscular system. This allows us to remove fat, lose weight, cellulite and activate the collagen, leaving skin more elastic and hydrated.


Can also be used before cosmetic surgery, such as skin preparation before or after treatment to prevent sagging.